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Horse of a Lifetime examines the unique bond between people and horses, chronicling sixty special relationships between Canadian horsemen and women and their most significant and beloved equine friends. Dr. Helen Douglas, an Ottawa Valley equine veterinarian and lifelong horsewoman, travelled from coast to coast across Canada to interview horse people about their connection to their favourite horse. Compelled to share with others the remarkable stories of these Canadians and their “horse of a lifetime,” Dr. Douglas describes each person’s passion and appreciation for that one special animal they have loved more than all others.

Through these touching narratives and beautiful colour photographs, a picture develops of what horses contribute to people’s lives. From backyard pets to high-performance athletes, from every province and discipline, these wonderful animals have offered the gifts of their trust and partnership. Each unique story reveals the depth, variety and rich history of contemporary horsemanship and horse sport in Canada.

This is a book for horse lovers as well as for those who are unfamiliar with the equine world. It is, at heart, a friendly and fascinating collection of memorable relationships that will make you smile, laugh and cry. May you read about these magnificent creatures with joy and recognition, remembering your own horse of a lifetime, or read with a fresh sense of discovery as you learn about humanity’s magical partnership with the horse. These sixty horses represent the many thousands of others who have done more for people than can be truly measured.