Equine Choice is an essential part of any nutrition program maintaining and improving proper digestion, nutrient absorption, appetite, and intestinal immune function

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Article number: 34171-1.7KG

A daily supplement added to a horse’s diet to help restore and maintain healthy fibre fermentation, hindgut function, nutrient absorption, and ultimately overall performance.


Bacillus bacteria, live encapsulated yeast, digestive enzymes, MOS, vitamin B pack, L-glutamine, L-threonine, vitamin E, oat bran, and mineral oil.

Equine Choice products contain digestive enzymes, and good bacteria. Bacillus bacteria is a heat and acid tolerant bacteria, which enables it to make it to the hindgut and has a stable shelf life in the barn setting. The prebiotic portion of the supplement is mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) a yeast cell wall that works as a toxin binder to help remove toxins from the digestive system and provide nutrients to the probiotic bacteria. Equine Choice supplements also contain B-vitamins, Vitamin E and the Amino Acids L- Glutamine and L-Threonine providing complete digestive health.

Equine Choice Prebiotic + Probiotic supplements survive stomach acid reaching the hind gut assisting in consistent pH levels and proper hind gut fermentation resulting in:

  • Better feed and nutrients intake
  • Preventing and treating digestive issues such as excessive gas and bloating, diarrhea
  • Increased water consumption to prevent dehydration
  • Improved fibre and starch digestion
  • Better immune response
  • Increased performance due to a proper functioning digestive system