Equine Omega Complete is an excellent and complete supplement

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Equine Omega Complete is an excellent and complete supplement that has been utilized by some of the best equine experts.  Top trainers, owners and veterinarians use Equine Omega Complete to maintain cell health for the best and healthiest horses.  Some feeds simple do not provide the right balance of fats for proper cell function which sets Equine Omega Complete in a class by itself.

Horses in the wild are able to graze on live grass and absorb the sun’s energy and the fats nature provides.  Wild horses in an ideal natural environment will be strong and athletic naturally due to the nutrients provided to their trillions of cells.  The majority of the cell wall is made up of fat, but if the fat surrounding the cell is lacking, weak or too plastic, it will fail to do its job well. 

Domestic horses living in stalls are at a disadvantage since artificial feeding regimens can deteriorate the cell wall and prevent proper absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste products.  If your horse consistently eats a feed full of hydrogenated oils it is like feeding fast food all the time.  Fats in many commercial horse feeds are also chemically extracted using hexane.  In addition, you may be shocked to realize that some feeds utilize animal fats which are not in the natural ideal diet for horses. The cells begin to function poorly as the plasticity of the fat worsens.  Cells need a balance of omega 3 rich polyunsaturated fats with antioxidants for waste and bad fats eliminated from the cell wall.  An equine fed a healthy feed will have an active and natural anti-inflammatory system, strong immunities and healthy production of skin cells and collagen for strong hooves and coats. 

A healthy horse is a calmer horse, free of the anxiety that comes with poor nutrition.

  • One gallon is a month’s supply for one horse.

Equine Omega Complete contributes to the following:

  • Helps grow healthy, tough hooves and a beautiful coat
  • Greatly reduces the risk of colic
  • Increases joint health and decreases joint and tissue inflammation
  • Supports the immune system and results in fewer health concerns
  • Stimulates proper digestion
  • Promotes strong blood flow carrying oxygen to the muscles for better conditioning & stamina
  • Aids in a strong cardio and respiratory system
  • Support cell growth, replacement and function
  • Reduces anxiety and depression and aids in stress relief
  • Includes a complete set of essential amino acids
  • Supports excellent bone density
  • Blocks lactic acid accumulation in the muscles
  • Aids in regulation of insulin production
  • Has natural Vitamin E and antioxidants
  • Supports the reproductive system for optimum health in stallions and mares