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Horse Blankets & Fitting

Protect your horse with a horse blanket from one of the well-respected lines that we carry. It is important to find a cut or style that works well for your horse so you're horse is not only warm and protected from the elements, but free from potential injury to a poor-fitting blanket. The blanket from last year might not fit properly this year, so make sure that you check your horse's blanket fit regularly. For more information about proper fitting, refer to our horse blanket fitting guide.

To help determine which blanket is a European cut versus a North American cut, look closely at the sizing increments. European cuts are sized in 3" increments (72, 75, 78, etc.), while North American cuts are sized in 2" increments (72, 74, 76, 78, etc.). As a general rule, the European cuts fit 4" larger than measure while North American cuts typically fit true to size. If your horse measures 76", you would select either a 72" European cut or a 76" North American cut. Also note that some blankets are made for horses that are wider in the chest while other cuts are narrower for a slimmer horse.

Horse blanket fitting guide

At Wilton Tack, we want to make sure the blanket you use is a good fit for your horse. Follow these simple guidelines and your horse will stay warm and dry without any discomfort.

If you're purchasing a new blanket, follow these easy instructions to select a blanket:
  1. Measure your horse from the middle of the horse's chest in the front and continue across the horse until you go around the rump on the same side to the middle of the tail.
  2. If the final measurement is an odd number, you may need to add one to it since many of the blankets are sold in even sizes.

If you're trying to determine if an existing blanket fits your horse properly, follow these guidelines:
  1. The blanket should fit comfortably over the horse's withers. You should be able to slide your hand easily between the withers and the blanket.
  2. There should be plenty of room in the shoulder area so the blanket doesn't rub the hair off or cause any chafing to the skin.
  3. Does the cut of the blanket's neck allow for grazing without restriction? Watch for signs of tightness at the front buckles as your horse reaches down.
  4. Make sure the tail flap lifts easily so your horse can pass manure without touching the blanket for obvious reasons.
  5. The blanket's surcingle should remain taut and keep the blanket in place. If it regularly needs tightening to keep in place, the blanket should be replaced.

If you purchase a blanket from us and upon trying it on your horse you find it doesn't fit well, simply return it for another style. When trying the blanket on your horse, be sure to place a sheet on the horse prior to trying the blanket. This ensures that the blanket remains in original condition in case the fit isn't just right and you need to return it.

Special order blankets are available, however, be sure to measure correctly before placing your order as these items require prepayment and are non-returnable.

Return information

At Wilton Tack, we ensure customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price or a replacement, so long as the item is in its original condition (free of hair and dirt). We do not refund original shipping charges. Simply repackage the item in the original shipping packaging, state your reason for return clearly on the packing slip, and return via your choice of shipping company to us at the following address:

Wilton Tack
308 Simmons Road, R.R.#2,
Odessa, Ontario,
Canada K0H 2H0

Remember, it's a good idea to speak with an expert about your horse's unique size and shape when selecting a blanket. Our helpful staff members are trained on proper fitting and can be reached at (613) 386-3514 and are also available in person during our store hours to help you find the right fit for your needs.

Special Order Blankets

We have access to many more blanket styles, fits, and colors. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, please call us at (613) 386-3514 so we can locate just the right blanket for your horse.

Turnout Blankets

Heavy - These blankets contain more than 200 grams of polyfill
Medium - These blankets contain 200 grams or less of polyfill

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