Pelleted mineral that most horses readily eat

Article number: 37519
Quantity: 5

Pelleted mineral that most horses readily eat
Elevated in the areas needed for muscle recovery
Note: Biotin, Vitamin B12
Contains Organic Trace Minerals
Natural source Vitamin E
Balanced essential Amino Acids (lysine, methionine and threonine)
Electrolyte balance
Electrolyte balanced to ensure consistent performance
Contains the building blocks for strong, resilient hooves
Diamond V® Yeast
Diamond V® Yeast helps support the hindgut by enhancing bacteria growth which enables better digestion by the horse
ZinPro® Complexed Minerals
These chelated trace minerals make the minerals more biologically available to the horse

Feeding Directions:
Free choice: Supply Hoffman’s Performance Mineral for Horses in an open feeder, protected from the elements. Place enough mineral for 2 to 3 days consumption in the feeder(s). Monitor intake. Provide one feeder per every 10-15 head. Initially, remove salt, gradually adding salt blocks until mineral consumption stabilizes at the expected 150-200 grams per head per day.

Top Dressing: Provide 150-200 grams per head per day top dressed on the horses’ daily grain allowance. For best results, feed in two equal daily feedings.