Ariat's Premium Mink Oil is a silky, light paste that is perfect for conditioning your fine leather riding boots.

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This beloved product has been used for years by riders who want to soften, condition and waterproof their riding boots, as mink oil for cowboy boots is truly a secret weapon for keeping them looking their best. Designed especially for smooth leather dress boots and shoes, Ariat boot conditioner helps protect your expensive boots from drying, cracking and staining. The soft paste is clear and creamy to the touch, which makes it easy to apply. It also has a very light, pleasant scent that will make your boots smell good as new.

To use Ariat mink oil boot conditioner, remove the excess dirt from your boots and apply the mink oil with a clean, soft cloth. Pay extra care to seams and stitching to ensure the product reaches all parts of your boots. Wait five minutes and wipe off any excess mink oil. Ariat recommends following up with their Ariat Boot Cream to buff and polish boots to a gloss. As with any leather care product, test a small, inconspicuous area first to see if any color change occurs. Note: Do not use Ariat mink oil on exotic leather or suede.