BMZ is a biotin, methionine and zinc (organic) supplement. A quality hoof care topdress formulated specifically to increase hoof growth and integrity.

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20 mg of biotin per dose

15 to 20 mg of biotin per day is scientifically proven to enhance hoof integrity and growth.

Contains D‑L methionine

Methionine is interchangeable with cysteine, a major amino acid of keritin, which is the main protein in connective tissue, such as hoof wall.

Contains zinc proteinate

Chelation ensures enhanced digestibility and research has demonstrated that hoof integrity is directly related to hoof wall zinc content.

Contains dehydrated alfalfa meal as a carrier

Enhanced palatability.

Manufactured in a plant with high standards of biosecurity and quality

Consistent quality feed.

Manufactured in a 100% drug‑free facility

No risk of detrimental drug contamination.
Peace of mind.

Manufactured in Canada

Minimizes transport cost.
Optimizes freshness.

Feeding rates
Administer ½ scoop (15 grams per 500  kg body weight) orally with each meal, twice daily. 30 gram scoop enclosed.

Note: Feeding vitamins other than vitamin A, D, E, riboflavin, pyridoxine and thiamin to horses may not have a beneficial effect.

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